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StreetSongsV2s1. Three sketches are usually submitted for a project. The concept for the piece is usually discussed, with certain parameters in place. The artist will usually ask if there is a theme. He will try to incorporate the theme in the sketches submitted. In this case the organization wanted to capture the essence of their street festival as the central theme. All sketches submitted are simple, rough line drawings with no color. They are then submitted by e-mail.

TwoStreets2. The artist will also at times utilize a organizational logo or elements of the logo as an element in the design. In this case the organization was the 2nd Street Festival, so the number two was worked into this musically themed sketch. Some organizations may elect to use their registered logo in the piece.

3. By the third sketch, the artist and organization have a better idea which direction to follow with the concept. The artist will make any necessary adjustments to the rough sketch. Upon written approval, the artist will begin to plan the final original work. The sketch process could take 2-4 weeks.

OnTheMainStage2, 9/29/08, 8:30 AM, 8C, 7572x7032 (228+1668), 100%, Custom, 1/40 s, R49.3, G5.0, B19.6

4. After the final selection is made the artist begins to paint the final original. The artist will generally e-mail an image of the artwork in progress to whomever the contact person is. Depending on the complexity of the design, this process could take between 2-3 months.

2ndStreet Poster085. The final original artwork is now completed and ready to prepare for publishing! The design of the poster featuring the image is the beginning of the publishing stage. The organization will receive a layout of the final commemorative reproduction via email for approval.  Scheduling of production with a selected printer will be overseen by the artist. This process could take between 1-2 weeks.